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Billie Piper Icontest
Challenge #50 winners and mod!post 
21st/Nov/2009 08:26 pm
FRG || things we can't see
Challenge #50 - Winners and Mod Post

Hi guys. Two weeks and we had only 2 entries :( I confess that made me a saaaaaaad puppy :P

Being as it is, I declare daisy_chic and her pretty entries as winners of Challenge #50! Congrats girl, they're really great. I saw you improve a lot since you first started participating :)

Anyway, being the holidays and all, I doubt many people will enter the next few challenges... Participation has dwindled a lot lately and I don't want to bother you for entries and votes :P I know we all have lives outside the internet - I have been busy with end of term stuffs too :P Because of that, I guess it's a good idea to have a small break.


November 21st ~ Februaryish ish

Let's take a breather and come back full force on next year, all right? Billie has great works in the making, with hopefully lots of pretty pics for us to play with ;D
I hope you have a fantastic Christmas (or any hols you celebrate, or not) and the best wishes for everyone on 2010 :)
22nd/Nov/2009 01:44 pm (UTC)
Oh, thanks...And I don't know what say...Surprise for me. XD
22nd/Nov/2009 05:08 pm (UTC)
Your entries were so lovely!! ♥
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