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Billie Piper Icontest
Hello! Welcome to billie_ic, a Billie Piper icontest.
Billie is that lovely lady who stars in Secret Diary of a Call Girl and Doctor Who, but you may know her from her popstar days, when Because We Want To was the big hit.

We'll have weekly challenges featuring miss Piper and/or anything related to her. Everyone is welcome to participate, but please first read the community rules. If you have any questions, contact your mod, 00mina. Enjoy your stay. :D

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21st/Nov/2009 08:26 pm - Challenge #50 winners and mod!post
FRG || things we can't see
Challenge #50 - Winners and Mod Post

Hi guys. Two weeks and we had only 2 entries :( I confess that made me a saaaaaaad puppy :P

Being as it is, I declare daisy_chic and her pretty entries as winners of Challenge #50! Congrats girl, they're really great. I saw you improve a lot since you first started participating :)

Anyway, being the holidays and all, I doubt many people will enter the next few challenges... Participation has dwindled a lot lately and I don't want to bother you for entries and votes :P I know we all have lives outside the internet - I have been busy with end of term stuffs too :P Because of that, I guess it's a good idea to have a small break.


November 21st ~ Februaryish ish

Let's take a breather and come back full force on next year, all right? Billie has great works in the making, with hopefully lots of pretty pics for us to play with ;D
I hope you have a fantastic Christmas (or any hols you celebrate, or not) and the best wishes for everyone on 2010 :)
21st/Nov/2009 02:32 pm(no subject)
who  ♦ c in light of red

Banners for the winners of Challenge #48:
stillxmyxheart and daysy_chic

Congratulations to you both!

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18th/Nov/2009 09:57 am - Reminder
FRG || things we can't see


Hiya! So, it's already Wednesday and we have only TWO entries for Challenge 50. That's right, TWO. It would really be FANTASTIC if more people could enter. Come on, people, get your pretty covers in, I'm sure you can do awesome stuff :) You have until Friday. ;)

Enter Challenge 50 here
11th/Nov/2009 02:21 pm - Challenge #49 - Winners
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Challenge #49 - Winners

Congrats to the winners of Challenge 49! And go enter Challenge 50!! It's a great one ;)

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it's irener's turn to make banners
6th/Nov/2009 06:03 pm - Honey to the B
FRG || things we can't see
Challenge #50

CHALLENGE #50. That's right, guys, we had 50 challenges already. Isn't that great?

Let's make it a crazy one then. For this challenge, you won't make icons: you'll make CD cover art. Billie had her incredibly sucessful popstar days, and with those came albums... your job is to make a new cover for one of them! Use any pics and fonts and whatevers you want, go wild. And have fun. :D

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