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Billie Piper Icontest
Honey to the B 
6th/Nov/2009 06:03 pm
FRG || things we can't see
Challenge #50

CHALLENGE #50. That's right, guys, we had 50 challenges already. Isn't that great?

Let's make it a crazy one then. For this challenge, you won't make icons: you'll make CD cover art. Billie had her incredibly sucessful popstar days, and with those came albums... your job is to make a new cover for one of them! Use any pics and fonts and whatevers you want, go wild. And have fun. :D

[.] Fot his challenge, let's pick Honey to the B. Here's the track listing:
1. "Because We Want To" (Marr/Page/Rambo/Richmond) - 3:48
2. "Girlfriend" (Rambo/Richmond) - 3:50
3. "Officially Yours" (Mitra) - 3:26
4. "She Wants You" (Laws/Sheyne) - 3:38
5. "Love Groove" (Marr/Page/Piper) - 4:29
6. "Party on the Phone" (Marr/Page) - 4:14
7. "Saying I'm Sorry Now" (Rambo/Richmond) - 4:00
8. "You've Got It" (Green/McLaughlin) - 3:43
9. "I Dream" (Marr/Page) - 5:33
10. "Honey To The Bee" (Marr/Page) - 5:03
11. "What'cha Gonna Do?" (Rambo/Richmond) - 4:33
12. "Don't Forget to Remember" (Marr/Page) - 4:40

[.] Make a cover (however you want) and a back cover (which must include at least the track listing with the name of the songs). Include "Billie" or "Billie Piper" in at least one of them. "Honey to the B" also must be included somewhere. Both must be 500x500.
[.] Use any/all images you want, no restrictions. Really.
[.] Save them as .PNG to prevent loss of image quality.
[.] Submit up to three/3 sets of cover/back, leave your submission as a comment to this post.
[.] Since this is a pretty huge challenge, you'll have two weeks to do it. Deadline is November 20th, 2009. ;D
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