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Billie Piper Icontest
Hello! Welcome to billie_ic, a Billie Piper icontest.
Billie is that lovely lady who stars in Secret Diary of a Call Girl and Doctor Who, but you may know her from her popstar days, when Because We Want To was the big hit.

We'll have weekly challenges featuring miss Piper and/or anything related to her. Everyone is welcome to participate, but please first read the community rules. If you have any questions, contact your mod, 00mina. Enjoy your stay. :D

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6th/Nov/2009 06:02 pm - Challenge #49 - voting
FRG || things we can't see
Challenge #49 - Voting

[.] Vote for First, Second, Third Place; Best Coloring and Best Cropping using the form below. Please vote fairly.
[.] Do NOT vote for yourself or ask others to vote for you.
[.] Comments are screened and anonymous, incorrect or suspicious votes are eliminated. Anyone with a LJ can vote.
[.] Voting ends Tuesday, November 10th.

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5th/Nov/2009 11:58 am - Reminder
FRG || things we can't see


Hello! This is a reminder for you to enter Challenge #49! You have until tomorrow to do it. We have fabulous entries already, but more are always welcome :D

Enter Challenge #49 here
3rd/Nov/2009 07:35 pm - Banners for challenge #28
Billie neck curve
Hi all!

Please find the banners for challenge #28 under the cut. Congratulations again to diapadme, aravishermione, marcasite, kcfoxkitten, quiddity_ and myannarose!

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3rd/Nov/2009 11:48 am - Challenge #48 - Winners
FRG || things we can't see
Challenge #48 - Winners

Finally the winners of Challenge #48. Congrats!

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marcasite has banner duty for this challenge ;)
1st/Nov/2009 08:19 pm - Banners for Challenge #26 & #27
who  ♦ c in light of red

Banners for the winners of Challenge #26 & #27:
myannarose, blue_emotion, irener, jenny_gwen, & loversopolite

Congratulations to all the winners!

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